5 Awesome Things That Are Making Me Isanely Happy Right Now

5 Awesome Things That Are Making Me Isanely Happy Right Now

A roundup of a few things that are making my life AWESOME at the moment. Some are books (obviously), or music I've recently discovered, or everything I'm re-watching on Netflix.


1. Chronicles of Ixia

I'm currently reading this series because SO MANY of my lovely instagram followers recommend it. I'm REALLY enjoying them. The world is similar to the Throne of Glass series (which we all know I loved), but the plots are more book-based than overarching for the entire series. It's a nice change of pace and reminded me a bit of the Artemis Fowl books in that respect.

Pic credit: @meeghanreads

The order to read the books in is a bit tricky - there's a seperate trilogy that technically sits in the middle of the Chronicles of Ixia series. I followed this amazing guide from @MeeghanReads, who is the wonderful soul who got me onto this series to begin with.

You can buy Poison Study, the first book in the series, here on Book Depository.


2. Disney Covers by Jonathan Young

I'm currently obsessed with the Disney Covers from Jonathan Young. They're basically all your fave Disney songs re-imagined to be more metal / rock.

We recently bought his two Disney Cover CD's and I enjoy rocking out to them in my car while people stare at the weird lady headbanging in her cute little hatchback car.


He also does amazing covers of other stuff (the anime theme songs are particularly good), but obviously the Disney ones are my fave. You can listen to his first lot of Disney Covers here on YouTube.


3. My local library

finally joined my local library, and have already saved SO MUCH money being able to to borrow the Chronicles of Ixia books rather than buying them. 

(Although now I've really enjoyed the series I'm probably going to buy them anyway).

Spurred by my newfound appreciation of libraries, I also released this free phone background with my funny librarian definition! You can check it out here.

Funny Librarian Definition Free Phone Background


4. Kickstarter

You've probably already heard, but I've got a launch going on over at Kickstarter right now!! It's running til 24 March and is a super cute collection of enamel pins celebrating the moments where feminism and nerdiness meet.

You can check out the campaign here!


5. Re-watching stuff on Netflix

Two of the best shows on Netflix right now are hands down the reboots of She-Ra and My Little Pony. I find it really soothing to have these on in the background while I'm creating new designs on my iPad.

Bonus side benefit... My husband now knows more about both these shows than he really wants to :'D

I also enjoy re-watching Brooklyn 99 and The Good Place, because they are just SO clever and funny, I feel like I notice new details every time.