9 Pins Every Potter Fan Needs

9 Pins Every Potter Fan Needs

Enamel pins are so hot right now... and Harry Potter will never go out of style.

Here's a round up of some of my favorite HP pins doing the rounds on the internet!

Click the link under each photo to add them to your collection.

Harry Potter Enamel Pin Hogwarts

I've been to Hogwarts (twice) and would love this as a daily reminder of that magical place.

Buy it from Sore Winners on Etsy! They also have an adorable pin of Hagrid's Hut!


Swish And Flick Harry Potter Enamel Pin

Swish & Flick! From that iconic scene where they're all learning to use their wands in first year ... AND it comes in 5 different colours. One that matches each Hogwarts House + purple. Grab it from Nutmeg And Arlo here!


Harry Potter Pin Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good by FairyCakes on Etsy

A badge for mischievous witches and wizards - perfect for your school bag. 

This cute design is from Fairycakes on Etsy! Be sure to check out their other badges, too. There's quite a collection of adorableness.


Albus Dumbledore Chocolate Frog Pin by LisaJunius on Etsy

Skip the terrifying / kinda cool jumping chocolate frog and go straight to the good part ... The card of Dumbledore! Check out Lisa Junius on Etsy for this one... she also has pins of the Flying Ford and Knight Bus!


Ollivanders enamel badge by Bunce and Bean on Etsy

It's difficult to choose just ONE pin to feature from this shop... I settled on Olivanders because I've been to the store (in both Orlando AND Osaka!), and this just takes me back to that deliriously joyful moment of stepping inside and choosing my wand.

Check out the store, Bunce and Bean, for an impressive range of super-detailed Harry Potter pins!


Harry Potter Howler Enamel Pin by FandomFlairPins on Etsy

Get yourself a howler pin from Fandom Flair Pins! They also have Doctor Who, Star Trek, and other fandom designs worth a peek!


The Clever Clove Etsy - Wizard in Training Enamel Pin

Let the world know you got your Hogwarts letter and are officially a wizard in training.

Pin from The Clever Clove ... I adore everything in this store. So much fandom-y and bookish goodness!


Felix Felicis Potion Enamel Pin by Brendaaarts on Etsy

Feeling lucky? This pin of Felix Felicis might bring you about some extra luck.

Grab it from Brendaaarts on Etsy!


Swan Patronus - Harry Potter Pin from PatronusPins on Etsy

This is pretty genius... get your patronus as a pin! There are even glow in the dark options!

Check out the range at Patronus Pins here.


There are SOOO many more awesome Harry Potter pins out there, but this is all we have time for today! Hope you enjoyed this list and found the perfect pin (or three) for you.