Adventures with OwlCrate

Adventures with OwlCrate

Funny story - One day I wrote post-it notes of all the cool business things I'd love to do someday. Working with OwlCrate was one of the first things on my list.

Turns out only a few days later, THEY contacted ME to commission a HOBBIT THEMED DESIGN!

(If you don't know who OwlCrate is - check out their gorgeous book subscription boxes here. They are PACKED will value).

We ended up with this "I'm going on an adventure" design for a passport wallet (perfect for adventures!), and the OwlCrate community has absolutely SPOILED ME with gorgeous pictures of it.

Hobbit Passport Wallet OwlCrate NovelKnight

pic from @novelknight


OwlCrate Passport Wallet Hobbit

@thebookaholicfangirl nailed this pic with an array of book maps!


FUN FACT:  I've been to Hobbiton TWICE and it's one of my favorite nerdy places to travel.

This design was inspired by the Hobbit folk art you can find in the Hobbiton movie set - especially the gorgeous Green Dragon Inn where you pick up a pint of cider at the end of your tour.

I also researched Hobbit handwriting (because we all know Tolkein had a passion for languages and put a lot of effort into all those little details). The dots above the A's and flicks above the E's are a nod towards how Hobbits actually write.


OwlCrate Hobbit Passport Holder

Thank you @taylortakesphotos for capturing the details in the design!


Stay tuned for more cool stuff I'm doing with book subscription boxes... and another OwlCrate design that's coming out really soon!