Giving Back: Books For Girls

Giving Back: Books For Girls

One of my major business goals has always been to provide ongoing support to Destiny Rescue, an Australian organisation who rescues children from human trafficking around the globe.

UNICEF estimates that more people are in slavery today than at any other period in history. It is truly mind boggling… and the vast majority of these slaves are women and children. I’m particularly passionate about the rescue and rehabilitation of young girls.

Giving Back Books for Girls Destiny Rescue

Many of them have an incomplete (or non-existent) education and were sold by their own families. This is especially common on cultures where women are valued less than men. Destiny Rescue doesn’t just take them out of trafficking – but also rehabilitates them in a home environment that includes counselling, education, and training for vocational jobs. The girls go on to start businesses, find work in a trade they love, and lead meaningful lives.

I'm passionate about a child's right to a childhood, and I feel that developing a love of books is part of that. Books are our gateway to imagining who and what we can accomplish in life, and what the world could be instead of what it is. They are a hugely effective tool in giving these children hope and excitement for the future.

As of March 2018, I’ve started donating a percentage of sales towards buying books for these girls. It is my hope that eventually this business will grow to the point where I can fund the rescue of one girl a year (AU$1600). If you see this graphic on one of my listings, you know that a portion of your money will be going towards this cause.

Giving Back Kit Cronk Studio

Presently I’m donating 50c from every Pin or Art Print sold, and I hope to be able to do this with a wider range of products in the future. Thank you, my lovely customers, for your support of this cause!

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You can read more about the work of Destiny Rescue and ways to support them HERE.