Collaboration - Beacon Box

Collaboration - Beacon Box

It's no secret that I love collaborating with other businesses (especially my fellow nerdy businesses!)

One of my FAVOURITE types of collaborating is designing special items for book subscription boxes! I was thrilled when Beacon Box got in touch about creating something for their Wildcard box.

Wildcard is the sequel to Warcross by Marie Lu. I hadn't read the book yet, but I checked out the blurb as part of my research and immediately ordered a copy!

You can get yours on BookDepository here, like I did. I'm looking forward to reading it and probably posting a review!


Some cool things about Beacon Box...

The business has been created by Cameron who is in his TEENS.
Young book nerds pursuing their passions makes me punch the air in excitement (shout out to all my young bookstagram followers, ya'll are awesome).



The box themes are seriously awesome. This year has seen themes like United Rivals, Behind the Mask, Whispers of Wanderlust (which sounds like it should be the title of a cool contemporary book), and more.


You get cool stuff. Every box comes with a book and some REAAAALLY fantastic bookish items. There are bookmarks, tea, fanart, and a bunch of other things that booklovers tend to hoard.


I know ya'll will be itching to see what I designed... It was a lot of fun to letter something so sassy and with a sci-fi vibe. TA DAAAA!

Marie Lu Warcross Merch Beacon Book Box

(pic from @moonprincess37)

Jump on over to their website and buy yourself one of their boxes (or treat yourself to a subscription!)