Write Your Own Reads with Shelf Love Crate

Write Your Own Reads with Shelf Love Crate

I just LOVE working with book boxes, and Shelf Love Reads has been on my "collaboration wishlist" for a while. I was thrilled when they got in touch about designing a special item for their writers box.

Their tagline is "Love yourself, love your shelves"

Freaking. Genius.

They are a YA Fantasy and Sci-Fi subscription box specifically for over 21's. 

You can subscribe or just do a one-off purchase, and I highly recommend checking out their website here!

There is SO MUCH stuff in each box. Just check out this picture of the haul from this particular box...

 Shelf Love Create Box Haul Writer Gift

Pic credit: NovelKnight

Their writers box was perfectly timed for NaNoWriMo (and if you know what that is, my condolences). My husband is a writer who has participated (successfully!) in NaNoWriMo for every year we've been married. I was excited to design something specifically for encouraging other writers.

And so we have this glorious mug:

Pic credit: Allys_novel_idea


P.S. If you're looking for gifts to get the writer in your life, check out this gift guide!

For the love of all things literary, do not buy them ANOTHER book about how to write if they already have a degree in it. (Unless it's Stephen King On Writing, which is a fantastically relatable and helpful book)


If you run a book subscription box and are interested in working together, check out my Work With Me page!