Creative Entrepreneur Life As Told By Disney GIFs

Creative Entrepreneur Life As Told By Disney GIFs

Okay, you caught me... I am totally procrastinating. You probably are too. Sometimes that's just what you need to do when you're a creative entrepreneur!


I hope you find these validate your existence and possibly provide some entertainment and inspiration.

When your parents ask what exactly it is you do again...


How it feels when you wake up on Monday and remember you don't work a crappy 9-5 job anymore


Looking at your to-do list


Getting your to-do list finished early


When you make your first (or any) sale


What everyone thinks "passive income" means


What "passive income" really means


When procrastinating could practically be an Olympic sport for you


Your relationship with the local coffee shop staff


When someone online asks you to explain every aspect of your business (probably to copy you)


Putting on pants / bra / lipstick to go outside


When you get to do the fun / creative stuff in your business


When internet trolls send you rude comments


Meeting people online who just GET you


When you realise that office stationery is now tax deductible (HELLOOO pretty notebooks!)


When your internet / laptop / equipment breaks down


When you see courses promising you'll earn 6 figures... (yeah right)

When you have a business crush on other entrepreneurs ... (it's OK, we all do it)


When said business crush follows / comments / interacts with you in any way


When you're "in the zone"


Having WAY too many ideas in your brain


How you feel after launching something



I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did making it!


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