DIY Costume - Mary Poppins

DIY Costume - Mary Poppins

Decided to dress up at the last minute? Never fear - there's a lot you can do with stuff already in your closet! Check out my other posts for last minute DIY Disney costumes.


Now there's a re-make on the horizon (feat. Emily Blunt, which I am so happy about!), this classic character is going to be even more recognisable.

Mary has a few iconic outfits, but this is probably the easiest to pull together with what you already own. All you need for this one is a brolly (aka umbrella), white button up blouse, knee-length skirt, and a simple pair of heels... Add a long, english-looking coat and you're good to go!

If you've got time to be crafty, you can print out the parrot from her handle and attach it to the umbrella, and get to work pinning a few fake flowers to your hat.

Oh - and don't forget her magical handbag stocked with everything from medicine to coat hangers!

DIY Costume - Mary Poppins

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