Fangirl Problems - Book Week

Fangirl Problems - Book Week

Kids recently got to do Book Week in their schools and I am SO JEALOUS!
I wish we had something similar for grown ups ... especially the part where my parents bought the books and I lived in blissful ignorance of how much it cost to satisfy my book hoarding!


If Book Week for adults WERE a thing, here's my top picks of who I would dress up as...


1. Scarlet Benoit from Lunar Chronicles
...I love any excuse to dye my hair red!


2. Super Girl OR Wonder Woman from DC's Bombshells
...because comics count for book week, right??



3. Feyre from the A Court of Thorns and Roses Trilogy
... I'm not skinny enough to REALLY portray her, but I love the idea of wearing a Night Court inspired gown!


4. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
... because we are pretty much the same person already. I feel like it would require no effort on my part to get into character.


Who would you dress up as for Book Week?? Follow me on instagram to join the discussion with your fellow book nerds :D


P.S. Are you totally sold on the idea of dressing up as your fave character?


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