Fangirl Problems - Fanfic Doesn't Count

Fangirl Problems - Fanfic Doesn't Count

You’ve heard of first world problems... Well, welcome to Fangirl Problems! This is a new little project of mine... I’m keeping a list of these to share over time. ‘Cause I think we fangirls often feel isolated, and like our love of fiction isn’t socially acceptable. But you’re not weird. You’re passionate, imaginative, and extremely awesome. Be proud!

I feel like reading a 50k plus fanfic of the next generation at Hogwarts should count towards my Goodreads goal :’D

My fellow booknerds agree that is the best place to look for great stories... OR, check out lists like this one of 21 Harry Potter fanfics from Buzfeed.

And if you aren’t using it already, the Good Reads app is truly fantastic for keeping track of your TBR list (especially books people recommend to you offhand).