Fangirl Problems - Infinite TBR Pile

Fangirl Problems - Infinite TBR Pile

There's a moment where every book lover realises that they will never possibly be able to read all the books they want to... and it always gives me mixed emotions. Sad because there are some great books I won't ever discover or read, but also resoundingly happy because we live in a world where there are so many books that I can never possibly run out of things to read.




Pictured is my real-life TBR list of books I've purchased to read... not including the MASSIVE "want to read" list I have over on GoodReads + books people are lending to me. I'm going to have to stop buying books and just try to get them from the library for a while ... we're running out of places to put them!!


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If this made you nod enthusiastically / cry in solidarity, then you probably need this mug...


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