Fangirl Problems - Nerdy Outfits

Fangirl Problems - Nerdy Outfits

Fangirl problems... No one ever appreciates our subtly nerdy outfits. Whether you're channeling a particular character or repping an entire fandom, no "real life" people ever seem to notice!

Fangirl Problems Nerdy Girl Disneybound Outfit

Here are some of my favorite stores where you can get yourself some subtly nerdy clothes and accessories:



I practically live in her tanks, they are ridiculously comfortable

Nerdy apparel jordandene


Adorable retro dresses with retro and fandom-inspired fabrics
Sarsparilly Harry Potter Dresses

Whosits and Whatsis 

You guessed it... they do Disney inspired stuff for grown ups! I'm in love.
Whosits and Whatsits Disney Inspired Apparel