February Wrap Up + Freebie

February Wrap Up + Freebie

Hello friends!

March is finally upon us, and I am please to tell you that February has been AWESOME for Ruby & Pearl Press.

It's no big secret that I didn't hit my financial goals for January (in fact I LOST money for the first month ever since I started my business).

BUT that was for good reason. I had a few things in the works in January that cost me money to produce, but they are going to be fruitful later on. I kept my head focused on the tasks at hand to grow my business... and as a result, this month has been my most profitable one EVER! 

(Join me in a celebratory dance party.)



EXHIBIT A: My Collection of Fabrics!

I've always envied people who can sew. They make such amazing things. Unfortunately I don't have the time or inclination to learn how to do it myself... so instead I've settled for launching a range of beautiful fabrics on Spoonflower!

Here's a sneaky peek at some of the designs. There are 30+ patterns available and I will be adding more soon!

Buy them on a variety of fabrics here (you can even get them as wrapping paper and wall paper!)


259 Porcelain Flower Overlap Pattern BIG CROP
228 Wonderland Flowers Pattern GREY CROP
248 Love Blossoms Floral Pattern BIG TURQUOISE ON WHITE CROP
247 Blue Yellow Floral Pattern BIG BLUE CROP


EXHIBIT B: New Prints

I also launched more digital prints in my Etsy store. It only takes a few dollars and a few minutes to create new wall art for yourself (or maybe as a last minute gift!) ... Bouquets come and go, but printable flowers are forever.

Browse the whole range here.


233 Purple Flower Bunch 8x10 PRODUCT SHOT 2 LR
272 Yellow flowers blue leaves PRODUCT SHOT LR



Of course I couldn't forget to mention this super cute wallpaper I made for Covelle this month!

If you haven't signed up to Covelle yet, you should! It's a networking platform for female entrepreneurs.

They do a great job of vetting applicants to make sure everyone on there is legit - I've made some amazing connections through this site! PLUS... Basic Membership is FREEE :D

Visit them at or you can follow their instagram for lots of bright pictures featuring flamingos and donuts.




I suppose you want to know what my freebie of the month is, right?

For the next month ONLY, you can download this super cute 8x10 'Stay Wild' print!



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