Fictional Libraries I Wish Were Real

Fictional Libraries I Wish Were Real

Any time I read about a library in a book, I want to live there. I'm sure my fellow book nerds get me.

Here are some of my all time favorite fictional libraries...

1. Beast's Library (Beauty & The Beast)

When I saw the library revealed in the live-action film, I legit cried. I've wanted this library since I was 5 years old.



2. Hogwarts Library (Harry Potter)

Because let's be honest... Hermoine and I would be besties and hang out here all the time.

Also, look at how cute and little they are. AWWWW.


3. Lazlo's Library (Strange The Dreamer)

I'm still a bit undecided on how I feel about this book... But I adored the description of the library Lazlo works and lives in (and especially how wistfully he feels about the books and their fairytales). I think I could also easily spend years tending to those shelves and learning every scrap of information I could about myths and legends!


4. Velaris' Library (A Court of Wings and Ruin)

A library that spirals down into the catacombs of a mountain, with a team of dedicated librarians who've been given shelter from horrible abuse, and an unspeakable monster living in the depths? SIGN ME UP.



Plus, you know, I'm open to any chance of running into Rhysand.


5. Arkanae Library (The Medoran Chronicles)

This is one of my new favourite book series for so many reasons... One of them being that there is a secret magical library (complete with ghosts of chivalrous knights) on the school grounds!



Am I missing some epic fictional libraries? Come hang out on instagram and let me know!