Gift Guide for Grown Up Mermaids

Gift Guide for Grown Up Mermaids

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who is all about that mermaid life? Here's a list of super cool stuff for grown up mermaids!


1. The Surface Breaks by Louise O'Neill

Deep beneath the sea, off the cold Irish coast, Gaia is a young mermaid who dreams of freedom from her controlling father. On her first swim to the surface, she is drawn towards a human boy. She longs to join his carefree world, but how much will she have to sacrifice?

surface breaks feminist mermaid book

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2. Ariel's Grotto Keychain by Hungry Designs

Hungry Designs has something for just about every type of fantasy fan ... be sure to check out their SUPER CUTE range of keyrings, including this one for Ariel's Grotto!

Mermaid Keychain Ariels Grotto Hungry Designs

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3. Mermaid Mug by Kit Cronk Studio

Because some days adulting is just too hard...

Fairytale gift book nerd girl mermaid mug

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4. Mini Mermie Pin Sets by Liana Hee

Liana's shop has more than just super cute pins (although they are my favourite!) ... she also has mini mermie prints and even a coffee table book of her work!

Mermaid enamel Pin Liana Hee Etsy

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5. Mermaid Trinket Tray by Typo / Cotton On

I'm a sucker for anything at Typo ... I don't think I've ever walked out of one of their stores empty handed! They have a whole range of cool mermaid inspired items (like laptop bags, notebooks, pens, and headphones), but I especially like this little trinket tray.

Mermaid Trinket Tray Nerd Girl Gift

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Mermaid Gift Gudie for Book Lovers Teen Girls