Gift Guide for Neverland Fans

Gift Guide for Neverland Fans

Do you dream of flying to the second star on the right and never growing up? Would you love to swim with mermaids, fight pirates, discover fairy magic, and then retire to a secret (but totally awesome) tree house?

(Or are you trying to find gifts for someone who fits that description?)


My top gifts for Peter Pan fans who'd love to fly away to Neverland!



Peter Pan Beanie by Whosits and Whatsits

This store is always my first stop when looking for some grown up Disney-esque fare! They're especially good at more obscure references and featuring lesser known movies (like Robin Hood and Oliver & Company, which are some of my favourites!)

Whosits Peter Pan Disneybound Beanie

This cool beanie is a no-brainer for any Peter Pan fan you know... and it also comes in a shadow version!



Neverland by Margot McGovern

After doing herself near-fatal harm, Kit has returned to her island home. But it's a place she hardly recognises - the witch and the mermaids are hiding and the pirates have sailed to more bountiful shores. In their place is Neverland and its inhabitants - damaged teens too sick to be in regular school, watched over by her psychiatrist uncle. And now Kit is one of them. 

Kit has a choice. She can use illicit night-time adventures with friends and mysterious new boy Rohan to avoid the truth. Or she can separate harsh reality from childhood fantasy and remember the night of her parents' deaths...

Neverland Book Peter Pan Gift

I may be biased in suggesting this book because the main character has the same name as me and that hardly ever happens!

Picture from @dbinks.



Straight on to Gallifrey Print by Karen Hallion

Karen Hallion is one of my favourite pop culture artists. I've lost count of how many Disney / Doctor Who crossover shirts I own.

This print is doubly awesome because it gives a generous nods to two fandoms; Peter Pan and Doctor Who. It's the perfect gift for anyone who loves both of them!

Karen Hallion Neverland Gallifrey Print



Neverland Candle by The Bookish Candle

If you want to bring a piece of Neverland into your home, you can't get much better than a beautiful candle like this one! It smells of coconuts and fairy dust and will definitely whisk your senses away to the second star on the right...

Neverland Candle



Tinkerbell Emoji Earrings by Main Street Delight

Of course Tinkerbell had to have a mention on this list ... A cute character who delights children and adults alike, she's full of spunk and glitter.

Show off your Tinkerbell love with these adorable emoji earrings from Main Street Delight... and be sure to check out their other emoji earrings while you're there!

Tinkerbell Emoji Earrings Main Street Delight Etsy



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