How I grew my Pinterest to 110k+ views in half a day

How I grew my Pinterest to 110k+ views in half a day

How half a day’s work grew my Pinterest to over 110k viewers.

The title pretty much explains it all… I, a totally normal small business owner who had virtually no idea what I was doing, spent half a day implementing a new Pinterest marketing strategy… and now get over 110k monthly views on Pinterest.


WHAAAT? Crazy town.

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In this post I’ll explain EXACTLY what I did (which you can totally copy for your own business), and show you how the numbers grew over time*.


*N.B. This is not an overnight thing. The work takes a few hours, but you have to wait to see the steady growth.


BEFORE WE START… Make sure you have a Pinterest business account.


You can check your account settings in Pinterest and change to a business account there if you need to. The major benefits of this is that you will get analytics of who is following, how many people are seeing your pins, and other cool information. 


In January 2017, I was pumped for a new year of marketing my biz.


I’d already gotten the hang of Instagram, and knew it was time to tackle Pinterest.


I was already a total Pinterest addict – I had a few thousand pins for all my favorite things (from knitting and crafts to lettering and graphic design), and had attracted somewhere between 100 - 200 followers. 

You do NOT have to have a big Pinterest account before you start marketing on Pinterest. 

I’d been using it personally for years, but January was when I started to use it for business. There’s nothing wrong with implementing this strategy totally from scratch! 

Now as of June 2017, I have 768 followers, and am raking in OVER 110 THOUSAND monthly views! Someone pinch me. I don’t know why I didn’t start this sooner!



Here’s the breakdown of how I did it. All of the below took me roughly half a day (it was an intensely monotonous few hours, but so worth it).


STEP 1: Join Group Boards 

Group boards are Pinterest boards with multiple contributors. 

Each contributor essentially brings their own followers to the party… which means the board ends up with quite a large audience. Signing up for group boards is one of the best ways to get your pins in front of a new audience. 

The best part is, you don’t have to flounder around Pinterest looking for these boards… There’s a website called PinGroupie that searches the group boards for you! 



You can filter them by a topic, or a specific word (for example, if you’re an Etsy seller you can search for Etsy boards. I focused on boards for Etsy, Stationery, Quotes, and Girl Boss Blogs). 

Here comes the tricky part… you need to click to each board and read the description to find out how to become a contributor. Often it involves following the board + board owner on Pinterest, then emailing or messaging them to request you be added. 

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read the instructions, because it’s different for each board.You’ll find some of them aren’t currently accepting contributors (sadface)… just move on to the next one. 

I managed to sign up to about a dozen group boards in one morning – sometimes it takes a few days for your approval to go through, and all you can do is wait. 


STEP 2: Sign Up for Tailwind 

Tailwind is an app that schedules your Pinterest pins for you.

As my special gift to you… here's a free first month to trial the app.

If you decide to ditch it afterwards, no harm done! It’s a win-win.


I was skeptical. I'm a total cheapskate. I hate paying for things I could do myself for free.

… The thing is, I knew I could pin stuff whenever I thought of it, but I wasn’t. 

It was just too stressful to make sure I wasn’t doubling up on pins, and I didn’t want to pin one thing to 5 boards all at once. It would just look spammy to anyone who was following me on Pinterest.


Here are four quick reasons why Tailwind is worth it: 

- Tailwind gives you the option to group your boards. For example, I have a “Blog Posts” list of all the boards where my blogs need to be posted. I just have to click ONE BUTTON and it will make sure the blog goes onto each board only once. 

- I can schedule a delay between my pins. When I pin a new blog, for example, it needs to go onto 5 different group boards. I can tell Tailwind to post to each board days (or weeks!) apart. 

- Tailwind knows the best times to post. You can choose “optimised times” for your pins, and Tailwind will schedule it for the highest traffic times (which may well be when you’re usually asleep!) 

- You can bulk-schedule. When I set up all my pins in January, I had enough to keep going UNTIL MAY. I set them all up and then didn’t have to worry about Pinterest marketing for MONTHS. 


STEP 3: Schedule All The Things 

I had three things I knew I wanted to schedule immediately (you might only have one, and that's totally fine!) 

1. Old blog posts, 

2. Everything in my Etsy store (over 150 items), and 

3. Instagram posts. 

I methodically worked my way through each of these (you’ll probably want a coffee break or two. It can be mind-numbing work) … and after a few hours I had 700 pins scheduled. 


Holy over-achiever Batman! 

Don't worry about pinning things more than once (I know Pinterest gives you that little "You've already pinned this" warning). The beauty of Tailwind is that you can schedule your pins to go up days and even WEEKS in apart. When they're nice and spaced out you won't be spamming anyone, and you'll likely reach a wider audience. 


STEP 3.5 – Pin other stuff 

I should add in here that it’s kinda lame to  pin 100% your own stuff. You can schedule other people’s content (like related blog posts, cool products, and inspirational quotes) in Tailwind too. 

Or if you’re like me and are probably on Pinterest every other day drooling over beautiful houses and cool DIY ideas, you can just focus on pinning those things when you’re on there. That way your content will be mixed in with all the other stuff you’re pinning. 

PRO TIP: Try to remember who your customers are. If they aren’t interested in freezer cooking family meals (because you’re targeting 20-something yuppies who dine out a lot), then keep that board a secret one just for you. 

You can always make yourself a personal Pinterest account, if you like to keep things separate. 


STEP 4: Track the numbers 

At this stage, I still had no idea if this was going to work. But I was prepared to risk a few hours of my time to set it up and see how it panned out after a few months. 

Tailwind has an excellent feature where you get a weekly email summarising your activity (like how many things you’ve pinned, and how many new followers you have), to help you keep track of things. It even tells you what the most pin-popular things are on your website. 

Now that I’ve been using Tailwind for 5 months, I can say it’s absolutely been a benefit to my business. I’m so glad I took the plunge – it’s saved me time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere in my business. 

Remember to get your first month free when you sign up with this link. 

Did this post answer all your Pinterest marketing questions? Did I leave anything out? Let me know!

Kit Cronk is a letterer and freelance graphic designer based in Brisbane, Australia. When she's not scrolling through awesome things on Pinterest, Kit's working hard creating new products for her shop.
... Or watching re-runs of 90's sitcoms with an iced mocha in hand. 
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