January Wrap Up + Freebie

January Wrap Up + Freebie

I feel like I blinked, and a whole month flew by! Here's a little recap of what I've been up to in January 2017 (anyone else still writing 2016 by accident? It takes me so long to get used to the changeover!)




1. Collaborations Galore

I'm excited to have a heap of collabs in the works for 2017! The first cab off the rank is my partnership with Covelle.

If you haven't heard about them yet, Covelle is an online platform for meeting and working with other lady entrepreneurs. You can post / browse listings for coffee dates, guest blog posts, influencer marketing... and SOOOO much more!

My absolute favorite thing is their Flock Parties... They match you up with 4 - 5 other ladies to jump on a video call and discuss pre-prepared topical questions. Best of all, basic membership is FREE!

I should seriously get a commission or something from them (I don't), because I can't shut up about how awesome it is. Get your butt over there now.

ANYWAYS ... My particular collab with them is making a themed desktop for their followers each month! Here is the one I did for January:


2. Product Development

January has been a month of laying the groundwork for new products I'll be launching in Feb / March ... Including a new range of hard cover journals (yay!), more notebook and pencil case designs, and a range of fabrics available through Spoonflower (check out my Spoonflower store here... Fabrics will be live in February 2017)

Oh yeah, and I launched my awesome range of cards for Valentine's Day.

You can read more about them here or buy them in my Etsy store.



3. New Digital Prints

Ok, this is kind of similar to the above... but I also put a bunch of new prints up in store! I'm expanding my range of digital prints, here is a peak at some of them. See the whole lot in my Etsy store.


256 Ocean stirs the heart 8x10 PRODUCT SHOT2_edited
262 Family floral PRODUCT SHOT 2_edited


4. Free Printable

Finally, the part you came here for... the freebie of the month! Anyone else LOVE Moana? I certainly did. I've had this stuck in my head all month... So naturally I made it into a print.

This will NOT be for sale on any platform, because Disney owns the rights to these words, and I am not profiting from their work.



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