June Wrap Up + Freebie

June Wrap Up + Freebie

We're officially into the second half of the year! How is your 2017 going so far?



I've officially launched my new range of zippered pouches - These patterns have all been created by me, then printed onto fabric and made into these fabulous little bags! 

They're perfect to use as pencil cases (especially for us letterers who own a bajillion pens), for keeping your documents together when you travel, or even to keep your make up together in your handbag. 

I personally took one travelling in Japan for 3 weeks - It kept all our passports, rail tickets, and my emergency phone battery safe!


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In addition to the zipper pouches, there's a whole swag of new stuff in my Etsy store, including some cute cards and inspirational quote prints! 

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349 fact calories don't count birthday PRODUCT SHOT 1_edited
348 This sucks positive vibes mental hug PRODUCT SHOT 1_edited

Did you skip everything to scroll down here and see the latest freebie? 

It’s cool. I do the same thing all the time. Here it is – a quirky phone background to express how you feel about life (this design is also available as a mug in store!) 

This is an exclusive freebie for THIS MONTH ONLY... Get in quick before it disappears! 

Sign up here and I’ll send you the download link right away!



Kit Cronk is a freelance designer and letterer extraordinaire. She lives in Brisbane, Queensland, and is addicted to iced mochas and 90's sit-coms.

Kit's a total science fiction nerd and loves reading fantasy books - when she's not busy creating new designs and introvert-partying with her followers over on Instagram