Lunar Chronicles Fangirl Wish List

Lunar Chronicles Fangirl Wish List

A quick recap of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, in case you haven't heard of it before...

- It is the best book series ever. I love it even more than Harry Potter.

- Young Adult Sci Fi / Fantasy set on futuristic Earth / Moon


- Amazingly diverse cast of main characters. Marissa Meyer does interactions between her characters like no one else I've read... 

- More ships than a navy yard (Translation: lots of super cute relationships)

- Really great fandom, too. There's fan art and fanfics all over the interwebs.


Now, once you've read the series (you can buy it here) and are a crazy fangirl like me, you're gonna want to get yourself some Lunar Chronicles merch. Here are some of my favorites:



I wouldn't go anywhere else for my bookish candles. Kool And Co has some kind of magical process where they get these things smelling EXACTLY how the characters will smell. Kai is my personal favorite out of their Lunar Chronicles range... Carswell is a close second.

lunar chronicles candles kool and co

Check out the Kool and Co Etsy store!



This store is a book lovers dream... you can get character inspired lip balms, body lotions, bath fizzes, and more!

Lunar chronicles lip balm behind the pages

Check out the Behind the Pages website!



I'm such a fangirl for this series I had to design my own mug... this beauty is limited edition and will be available til the end of the month only!

Lunar Chronicles Book Lover Mug Kit Cronk Studio

Get yourself one of these mugs here!


Do you have some amazing Lunar Chronicles merch? Come hang out on instagram and let me know about it! I'm always keen to find other stores catering to book nerd girls!


N.B. I get an affiliate commission from every sale made via links to Book Depository (my fave place to buy books online! FREE SHIPPING yo!), but it doesn't cost you any extra! Talk about a win-win!