My Kickstarter Launch

My Kickstarter Launch

Exciting things happening this month #1 - I launched my first Kickstarter campaign! You can check it out here. It's running til 24 March, 2019.

The Feminerd Collection of enamel pins was inspired by the magical moments where feminism and nerd culture overlap.

I'm thrilled to tell you that we've ALREADY smashed all the goals I had set up and have unlocked EVERY pin!



However, it's still worth your while purchasing these via Kickstarter.

Once launched on my website, the pins will sell for $14 ea. By purchasing on Kickstarter, you're getting them cheaper AND get free gold foil stickers included with every pin order!


Feminist Nerd Enamel Pins Kit Cronk


This launch wouldn't have been a success without my army of fangirls. You're all AMAZING and please know that I appreciate each of you so much. 

You can all continue to help out by sharing the campaign on social media, pledging to get the pins (either for yourself or they make great gifts!), and just generally telling everyone and their dog about it.

With our powers combined, we can make this thing go viral!!



Go check out the full campaign (including pics of all the pin designs!) hereIt's running til 24 March, 2019.