My Nerdy Christmas Wishlist

My Nerdy Christmas Wishlist

You're never too old to have a Christmas wish list ... I'm making mine conveniently public so my family might stumble upon it while browsing the interwebs *wink*

BUT mostly because these are really cool nerdy items that deserve some love! And I'm sure most of you will find something you like here too!



Subscription to Sartorial Geek

The Sartorial Geek is the brainchild of one of my favourite nerds, Jordan Ellis (of the wonderful Jordandene which sells comfy geek-chic apparel).

I've written a few articles for their blog this year, and have absolutely adored reading the new magazine online (you can download a copy for FREE when you sign up to their mailing list!!)

Sartorial Geek Magazine Nerd Bookish Scifi

It's a beautifully nerdy / geeky community that supports your OTPs, uncontrollable fangirling, and rants about cliffhanging season finales. The content ranges from creative short stories to mini essays on topics like the controversial Thirteenth Doctor. 

BONUS: They also have a PODCAST and are constantly sharing awesome stuff on their INSTAGRAM.


Molly Weasley Pin

I included this one on my round up of favourite nerdy feminist pins - I ADORE Molly Weasley and I definitely want to add this pin to my collection!

Molly Weasley Enamel Pin Etsy



All the DC Bombshell's Comics

I cannot believe I didn't discover this comic series until this year.

DC's Bombshells follows the lives of multiple female heroes (think Wonder Woman, Bat Woman, Supergirl, and Zatanna, to name just a few) and also some villains (Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, Killer Frost, etc) throughout the events of World War II.

It. Is. Amazing.

DC Bombshell Wonder Woman Comic

The artwork is phenomenal, and the story constantly jumps between characters, making for lots of action and changes of scenery. It can be difficult at times to keep up with where everything is up to (but maybe that's just because I'm much more used to reading novels).

You can purchase them at Book Depository. I highly recommend buying them in the VOLUMES, not the individual comics.

BUY THEM HERE - Volume 1


Book Messenger Bag from ChickLit Designs

It's a messenger bag that looks like a book. Need I say more?

Chick Lit Book Bag Messenger Nerdy Gift

Pic credit: ChickLitDesigns

The only problem is, I can't decide between the Potions Class or Narnian Wardrobe design...



Bath Bombs by Oh Deer Sugar

I think the picture says it all ... I cannot imagine a more decadent, luxurious, and FUN way to relax in a bath! One of these days I'm going to place a massive order on their website ... and it'll probably only last me two months.

OhDeerSugar Bath Waffle Rainbow

Pic credit: OhDeerSugar

BONUS! They're 100% vegan! You can get these pretty waffle bath bombs, but there is a huge variety of other designs, including ones that look good enough to eat.



Shuri Pop Vinyl

Any wishlist of mine these days is going to include Pop Vinyls. I think I'm officially addicted.

I've been collecting Pops of my favourite badass female characters

(WHEN are they going to release a Molly Weasley Pop Vinyl, is what I want to know! We already have a million versions of Harry!)

This Shuri one is currently at the top of my list ... I am SO excited to see more of her in the upcoming Marvel films!

Shuri Pop Vinyl Black Panther is my favourite website to buy these from (if I can't find them locally), they're quite affordable and have always arrived in a good state!