Books that are STILL on my TBR list

Books that are STILL on my TBR list

This is the never ending problem of any book nerd … there are more books in the world than I can ever possibly read.

More specifically, there are some great books on my TBR (To Be Read) shelf that have been sitting there for waaaay too long.



Life has been a bit crazy lately, which has meant I’m getting through less literature (sad face). So in an attempt to possibly get myself more amped up to read these books - here’s a list of some of the awesome books I’m still “getting around to”


1. ILLUMINAE FILES by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff 

OK bookstagrammers… it’s partially your fault that I haven’t read this series yet. I adore sci-fi, and I’m intrigued by the unusual format of the book. The story is played out in a series of messages, memos, recorded audio, etc. It’s quite clever and I expect it will be very engaging.

illuminae files book nerd tbr list

BUT … I have seen so many of my fellow book nerds IN TEARS about this series on instagram that I’m not sure I have the emotional stamina to get into it right now!

It also doesn’t help that I ordered all three books of the series online… and one of them came in the wrong size. UGH.

Buy it here.


2. BECAUSE YOU LOVE TO HATE ME edited by Ameriie

Super cute cover art, and the premise is that we get to see into the stories of famous villains through 13 different short stories. The characters range from Medusa to Sherlock Holmes, and have been written by 13 pairs of authors and influential BookTubers.



I think I’m dragging my feet on this one because I have never enjoyed a villain based story. Heartless, by Marissa Meyer (who wrote my beloved Lunar Chronicles series) is the origin story of the Queen of Hearts… and it breaks my heart (pun not intended) to admit that I hated it. It put me into a reading slump for MONTHS.

Perhaps in my black-and-white way of viewing the world, I just don’t care about why villains are bad… I just want to see justice!

Buy it here.



This financial advice book is out of the ordinary on my TBR list, which is usually exclusively fiction. I actually bought it the first week it came out - I’ve been following Barefoot for a while, and his financial advice is extremely practical and easy to understand. I highly recommend you at least sign up to his email list.

Anyway, this is still sitting on my TBR because I’d rather have my head in a fantasy book! … BUT I do know I need to get to this one soon, so it’s on my “must finally start this” list for this month.

Buy it here.


4. P.S. I STILL LOVE YOU by Jenny Han

I had a free AudioBook credit and purchased this rom-com story. I’ve heard great things about it from the bookstagram community, and I do enjoy a fun chick-lit read every once in a while (Sophie Kinsella is one of my favourite authors of chick lit, if you’re looking for something to give you a taste of the genre!).

My main issue has been that it’s an audio book! I don’t know how I feel about “reading” that way… I know some people love it, but I’m worried I’ll get distracted (or fall asleep!) while it’s playing.

Buy it here.



I adore Ann Shen's illustrative style, and the concept of this book is pure awesomeness. It chronicles "100 remarkable women who changed the world" and just smacks of one of my favourite quotes, "Well behaved women rarely make history".

Well Read Women Pin TBR List Book Nerd

Last month I read "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls", which is full of 1-page stories highlighting some incredible women. There were so many I couldn't believe I'd never heard of (particularly from non-English speaking countries) and it was so exciting to learn about them. I'm hoping this book will have more of the same!

Buy it here.

Ann has also released a sequel book, Legendary Ladies, which is all about women in mythology!


Any of these books also sitting on your TBR? How do you feel about audio books? I’d love your input! Come hang out over on instagram where my followers and I will be chatting about this (and all things bookish).


N.B. I get an affiliate commission from every sale made via these links to Book Depository (my fave place to buy books online! FREE SHIPPING yo!), but it doesn't cost you any extra! Talk about a win-win!