Why I'm taking a month off

Why I'm taking a month off

In case you missed the memo (and if you did, you should really get yourself on my mailing list), Kit Cronk Studio is going offline for a month! 



SIDE NOTE: The Good Place is amazing and it's killing me to only get one episode every week on Netflix.


Don't worry, I'll be back in early January 2019!

There are a few reasons why I'm taking so much time off, even though I'm technically not going away on a vacation.


1. My best and biggest creative epiphanies always happen when I'm on long breaks.

On my honeymoon in New Zealand, I realised I wanted to start lettering.

On a four week trip to the USA, I finally understood that my corporate job was killing me and I needed to switch careers.

During our holiday in Japan, I found so much inspiration that up-leveled my lettering and reignited my passion for reading.

In early 2018, we were back in New Zealand and I did some of my best lettering to date with a pen and paper... and realised I needed to invest in an iPad to streamline my process (which has MORE THAN paid for itself in 2018).


2. I really, really struggle to stop working.

The pitfall of working from home (awesome) and loving what you do (also awesome) ... is that it's incredibly easy to never stop working.

Any small business owner will tell you that you can ALWAYS find something to do, whether it's writing blog posts, creating new products, shipping orders, or shopping online for cute washi tape to put on said orders even though you CLEARLY already have enough.

If I'm not careful, I will start to neglect things like exercising (because let's be honest, it's easy to justify skipping it when you're "busy"), and other necessary adulting tasks.

Taking a good chunk of time off reminds me that I can stop working and the world goes on.


3. Burnout is a thing.

Even when you LOOOOVE what you do (and I am lucky enough to fall into this camp), you can burn out. I have learned the hard way in the past that when you burn out you are no good to ANYONE, and it takes a heck of a lot longer to recover than it does to just take time to rest in the first place.




With all that said... a BIG thank you to every customer, collaborator, follower, and friend who has been a part of 2019! I can't wait to come back refreshed and ready to kick butt in 2019!

I hope you all have a FABULOUS, HAPPY, and SAFE holiday season! Merry Christmas!


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