The fandoms of a 90's childhood

The fandoms of a 90's childhood

I am a proud child of the nineties... it was a great time to be a kid! We rocked out to 70's and 80's music our parents loved (Abba, Elvis, and Air Supply in my household!), and enjoyed being the last internet-free generation of kids.

If you grew up to be a total fangirl (like me) of things like Sherlock, Harry Potter, Anime, and all things Sci-Fi... you were probably in THESE fandoms that 90's kids will remember.



... Hands up who can name 80%+ of the original pokemon series?? Which pokemon did you always want? I loved Togepi (because cuteness), and wanted a Dragonite to fly around on.






I haven't ever watched the recent re-booted series (although it looks awesome), but I watched the MLP movie at LEAST 50 times as a kid.




... Pretty sure this was just a liiiittle bit too much like Pokemon, but I totally didn't care. More kids with cool monsters doing cool things? I'm in!




Another one that's been re-booted in recent years... I adored Care Bears as a kid, especially because I had a vintage Tender Heart bear from my Mum. I always loved Cheer Bear, especially, because she had a rainbow!




I'm a sucker for the original power rangers. I've seen bits and pieces of the new iterations (gosh there are so many - I actually enjoyed the ninja one for a while).

I used to pretend I was the purple power ranger (they've never had one, for some reason!)... I have to admit I haven't seen the recent movie, but I watched the 90's ones HEAPS! Remember the one with that weird purple slime??




Disney movies that came out in the 90's include: The Lion King (first movie I ever saw in cinemas!), Aladdin, Mulan, Beauty and The Beast, TOY STORY!!!, Tarzan, Pocahontas, Hercules, and more...

We all know I've never really grown out of this fandom. I've visited Disneyland in three different locations in the past two years... and it's my favorite place. I want to live there.






Sadly Sailor Moon was a big thing around the time when my family chose not to have a TV... so I could only binge-watch it on holidays or when visiting other people. But I totally loved it and still squeal a little on the inside when I see merchandise! 




... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is such a weird concept. It really shouldn't have worked... but they were so sassy and action packed it was really fun to watch!



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