Why I Love Geekerella

Why I Love Geekerella

“Never give up on your dreams, and never let anyone tell you that what you love is inconsequential or useless or a waste of time. Because if you love it? If that OTP or children's card game or abridged series or YA book or animated series makes you happy? That is never a waste of time. Because in the end we're all just a bunch of weirdos standing in front of other weirdos, asking for their username.” -  Geekerella by Ash Poston


I often fangirl and have all the feels about books... but Geekerella really IS special.

This is the book I desperately needed when I was a teenager.

When I was the girl who felt like she would never be accepted if people knew just how nerdy she really was. A girl who never had the courage to be the leading lady of her own life. The girl who was more comfortable in her imagination than in real life. If you know exactly what I'm talking about, you need to read this book. It will make your heart smile, and has heaps of quotable moments like the above, and this one I lettered recently:


Geekerella Quote Ash Poston Kit Cronk Studio Hand Lettered


There's a particular emphasis on how fandoms are part of every day life / our inner thoughts, which I found SO validating. It's good to know I'm not the only one who still quotes Firefly and Star Trek in my head on a regular basis.

And of course we get a glimpse into some teen angst, the best and worst aspects of fandom / con culture, and some SUPER CUTE relationships.

If you're yelling, "shut up and take my money" by now, then you can buy the book here. 



And the best news if (who am I kidding - WHEN) you love the book, is that there's a sequel coming out soon! It's a retelling of The Princess and the Pauper called The Princess and the Fangirl and I AM HERE FOR IT.

You can preorder / buy yourself a copy here.

DISCLAIMER - I do earn a minor affiliate fee if you purchase the book through the links provided, but it doesn't cost you any extra + I won't be offended if you go check it out from your local library instead!