Gift Guide for Writers

Gift Guide for Writers

Not sure what to get the writer in your life? I'm familiar with the dilemma, I'm married to one!

Pro tip: Don't get them more books on how to write (especially if they've already got a university degree on the subject).

Focus instead on some heartfelt and quirky gifts to encourage their noble pursuit of writing!


1. Library Card Socks by Out of Print

Out of Print is a treasure trove of literary gifts, and their range of socks are particularly unusual. These old-school library card socks are available in a range of colours, but I'm partial to the yellow myself.

Literary Gift Writer Socks Library Card

Picture credit @hotcocoareads



2. Book Sleeve from Book Beau

Every writer loves their books... A book sleeve from Book Beau will ensure their treasured books can travel in style and safety. These are especially handy if you have signed / leather bound / foil cover books that you still want to tote around to read without damaging them.

Book Beau are constantly releasing new designs and retiring old ones, so you'll have a new lot of patterns to select from every time you visit their site!

Book Beau Book Sleeve Writer Gift Reading



3. Writer Definition Mug by Kit Cronk Studio

Any writer can identify with this mug, it reads, "Writer (n.) a magical creature that converts coffee into other worlds."

This is one of my most popular designs (it was even featured on Reese Witherspoon's Book Blub this year!!) and it comes in a tea version too!

Writer Gift Funny Mug Coffee Definition



4. Writer Enamel Pin by That's Lovely Dear

Enamel pins are the perfect small but stylish gift for just about any occasion... Since most writers love the nostalgia of using a typewriter, this little pin is write on the money (... pun intended).

Writer Typewriter Enamel Pin Etsy Gift 



5. Quotation Mark Earrings by Meytalborny

Any writer worth their salt is probably also a grammar nerd ... they can show off their love for punctuation with these adorable quotation mark earrings!

Writer Gift Quotation Mark Earrings Gold 



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