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Stationery & gifts for book nerds.

For the BOOK LOVERS who know that it is a fact, universally acknowledged, that you can never have too many books.

Where the NERD GIRLS can express their intense (perhaps borderline embarrassing) fangirling without judgement.

This is THE place you need to be. I've been hustling to make these designs for YOU, because the world needs more women like you. Passionate, imaginative, and educated.

Nerd girls truly have the power to change the world... and it starts with expressing yourself in every day life.

Never be ashamed of the things you're passionate about.

Book Nerd Mug - Kit Cronk Studio



I am a self confessed perfectionist addicted to iced coffee and creating. I'm an obsessive reader and love all things science fiction and nerdy.

In 2016 I chose to change careers from my soul-sucking corporate job to become a graphic designer and full time creative entrepreneur (that means I get paid to make pretty things).

My work has always had an emphasis on words, bright colours, and hand painting designs. They are my favorite things.

I live in beautiful Brisbane, Australia, and am often required to translate Aussie-isms for my international friends. Read more fun facts about me in this blog post